Mohawk Hairstyle for Black Women

Opaglamz tribal mohawk updo hairstyle for black women

Mohawk updo hairstyle for black women come in various styles like mohawk fade which is a cut by the sides, mohawk braids, curly mohawk, pony mohawk, and even mohawk updo.

While on Instagram on this day, I came across this beautiful tribal mohawk updo hairstyle for black women that was created by Opaglamz, a Nigerian natural hairstylist and I knew at that moment, I would recreate.

mohawk updo hairstyle for black women

Some few years back I used to wear updo hairstyles with my natural hair so much and it was easier to create back then when my natural hair wasn’t this much. So falling in love with her tribal mohawk updo hairstyle perfect for black women had me going back to my lost love.

Opaglamz tribal mohawk updo hairstyle for black women

How to make tribal mohawk updo hairstyle for black women

 tribal mohawk updo hairstyle for black women

Before anything, make sure your natural hair is stretched. This will not only make the hairstyle neat and cute, it will also make it easier for you to work with your natural hair when styling. You can either do a blow-dry or choose the no heat blow dry method using the African threading method to achieve.

  1. Section hair into three parts – Small sections on the sides which leaves the middle section bigger (that’s what will form your mohawk updo).
  2. Working on the small sections of your hair one at a time – Split that section into halves (right from the middle) and keep the half at the back away to work with later. Leaving you with the other half which is a small section at the front.
  3. Working with the other half of your natural hair at the front – Further, split that into equal halves (split from the front of your head). Such that you have one half closer to your ear.
  4. Pick the half-section closer to your ear and flat twist it into three running forward. Accessorise with beads or other hair jewelry.
  5. The other half section of your hair from No. 3 above – flat twist it into two running backward.
  6. Remember the half we kept away at the back in No. 2 above? – Put them into three single twists.
  7. Repeat for the section on the other side.
  8. Divide the middle section into two (let the back section be a little more than the middle section)
  9. Split the back section into three equal parts.
  10. For each section – Roll (facing the back), tuck and use a bobby pin to hold it in place.
  11. Move over to the front section
  12. Section out a little part from the back of that section and put it into two loose twists.
  13. Crisscross the loose twists and pin it backward.
  14. With the remaining front section, you have left, split into three and roll (forward), tuck and pin. Just make sure you roll the section in the manner that fits your face.
  15. By now you should have all the single two strands twists hanging down the two sides of your head.
  16. Pick the twists individually to cover the spaces between your mohawk updo rolls at the back and use bobby pins to put them in place.
  17. Viola! you are done!

If you got a little confused on the directions on how you can make your mohawk updo hairstyle and would prefer a video on how to make a tribal mohawk updo hairstyle for black women, check out this video below. It shows how I also followed Opaglamz video but with a twist.

How to make tribal mohawk updo hairstyle for black women.

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