How to visit Rwanda from Nigeria

how to visit rwanda from nigeria

I will be sharing with you how to visit Rwanda from Nigeria and ten things (10) you need to know to travel to Rwanda from Nigeria.

Now that the holiday season is upon us, do you still have travel plans? So if you still wish to travel outside of the country this 2019 holiday season, you may want to give visiting Rwanda a thought.

How much is Rwanda’s visa for Nigerians?

Fun fact, Rwanda is a visa on arrival for Nigerians at $30 (less down N11, 000). You can either pay in cash (dollar in 20 and 10 denomination) or pay with your master card using their POS (Your naira debit master card will work) at the point of entry. The Rwanda visa allows Nigerians to stay for up to one month. So you see, there is no hustle trying to visit Rwanda from Nigeria.

How to visit Rwanda

What are the requirements for traveling to Rwanda from Nigeria?

  1. Valid passport.
  2. Travel tickets.
  3. Yellow fever card.
  4. Thirty dollars ($30).
  5. Accommodation booking.

Below are what you need to travel to Rwanda from Nigeria

Ten (10) things you need to travel to Rwanda from Nigeria

1. International Passport:

Hold a valid passport with a minimum of six (6) months to expiration from the day of entry. Also, ensure you have blank pages for stamps.

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2. Yellow fever card:

Though it is a requirement however Rwanda Visa Officers are not strict with it. But to be safe, hold your yellow fever card. If you don’t already have it, here is how to get a yellow fever card in Nigeria. Go on follow the instruction and make payment of N2000. Take your print out to the nearest port health service (you can find one on the Murtala Mohammed international airport road if you are in Lagos. For people outside of Lagos, ask around) where you will get vaccinated and your yellow fever card will be issued after a long wait.

TIP: If you have other plans for your day, make sure you get there no later than 7 am. There are usually a lot of people.

Yellow fever card in Nigeria

3. Choose your dates:

You can search for fun activities happening in Rwanda like carnival and plan your dates around it or check flight schedules to guide you. You can simply just choose what is convenient for you.

4. Choose your city:

Most tourists arrive in Kigali- the capital of Rwanda. So it is reasonable to say you are visiting Kigali, Rwanda. From there, you can proceed to other places or tourist attractions centers.

5. Purchase your flight ticket:  

How to book and buy a flight ticket to Rwanda is very simple. Do you need a travel agent to book your ticket? Certainly not. With N150, 000 (It could be lesser or more) you can get a return ticket to visit Rwanda from Nigeria. My best advice is to fly their local airline Rwandair. It is cheaper and their hostesses are very nice.

How to visit Rwanda. Fly Rwandair to Rwanda

Tip: It is wise to consider factors like price, date, duration, and flight schedule (i.e departure and arrival time)  before choosing an airline to fly with. You can check sites like Travelstart, Jumia Travel, Wakanow, and Skyscanner for varying options.

6. Book your accommodation:

Cheap accommodation in Kigali, Rwanda is not rare to find online. Based on your preference and budget, there are several sites you can check for accommodation in Kigali. Websites like Jumia Travel,, Airbnb and are great. I used to book accommodation for my visit to Rwanda earlier this year. Most homes on the site let you pay on arrival.

Tip: Insert preferences like location, dates, and your budget to streamline your findings.

7. Arrange your airport pickup:

For a first-time visit to a strange land which you are also likely to arrive at night, it is best to arrange with the hotel you booked your accommodation with for your pickup. This, of course, attracts an extra fee.

8. Getting around within Kigali, Rwanda:

While visiting Rwanda, you can always get a car hire or taxis to get you around the city of Kigali. Another alternative is getting a motorcycle (bike). They are everywhere with a calm attitude I must say.

Peopleof rwanda

9. What currency should you go with when leaving Nigeria to visit Rwanda?:

Rwanda accepts dollar so make sure you change your local currency to dollars before you leave the country. It is also advisable to have the Rwanda Franc for some local transactions. You can easily get this done inside their airport, just look around you will find a bureau shop.

how to visit Rwanda

10. What is Rwanda weather like?:

The weather in Kigali is very cool. You will find people in a sweatshirt and sneakers on the street. In addition, make sure you check the weather readings before you leave so you can pack for the weather. Regardless of what the weather says, while you visit Rwanda I’d advise you have at least a neck scarf on you. A temperature of 15 degrees might be too cold for a Nigerian.

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Now that you have made all necessary arrangements, get armed with your ticket print out, accommodation booking print out, your passport, yellow fever card and be on your way to Rwanda.

PS: The people of Rwanda are very nice, they never hesitate to offer help.

Read all about my Rwanda trip here.

Have fun and happy holidays

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