Trimming natural hair makes it grow – Myth. It is time to right the wrong.

Nah, this has linger way too long in the natural hair community and it is time to get things right. So there will not plenty story in this post but some frankly speaking attitude.

Let’s dive.

Does trimming natural hair make it grow?

If you ever believed this, tell me, how did you conclude that to be true? How do you reconcile the act of cutting off a couple of inches of your natural hair with growing long hair?

I think the first thing we need to understand and ask ourselves is, why do we need a trim?

A hair trim is essentially needed to keep the ends of our natural hair which is the oldest part of our hair healthy and tangle free.

When do you need a trim?

When tangling becomes excessive and de-tangling becomes an herculean task.

When there is a lot of broken hair strands all over.

Advantage of trimming.

Reduces tangles, takes off fairy knots, healthy looking hair tips, rid of scraggly ends, cuts off split ends and prevent further splitting

Does trimming make natural hair grow?How it really concerns length retention.

Trimming only has an indirect effect on length so debunk that myth that says it makes hair grow. It doesn’t. Tell them I say so.

Hair grows from the root not the ends. Your ends are the oldest and weakest just like your great grandparents (you get?) the more you pay attention to them the better.

If these ends are not well taken care of, then your ends will be unhealthy and break, thus you lose the opportunity to retain length. So if your hair is due for trimming and you do not attend to it, what happens is that those tangles or knots get more severe and more likely to break your ends off.

How to keep natural hair ends healthy; What to do. 

  • Take out shed hair (shed hair will try to find its way out and get caught in the jungle of the fros) otherwise it will cause tangles.
  • Detangle properly with your fingers and/ a widetooth comb.
  • Ensure your ends are healthy
  • Dust when necessary
  • Take care of split ends

With these, your hair breakage will reduce and you will (in the goodness of your hair’s heart) be able to retain length and then start noticing growth.

This logic is basically why people say trimming grows hair.


We good now?

What other natural hair myth do you know? share in the comment section please.

























10 thoughts on “Trimming natural hair makes it grow – Myth. It is time to right the wrong.

  1. Thank you so much for this post. I was wondering how trimming off the ends of my hair would make it suddenly abound.
    This is a very detailed post, thanks for sharing.
    And yeah, I love your blog.

    1. Ah, this got me thinking for a long while and wondered how people came to term with. Just like many other thing, there’s always a logic behind it. Thank you for reading Tinuke.

  2. Wow such an amazing and enlightening post! You write with so much ‘authority’ lol. Sounded sort of like a big sis dragging my ear. Now I know better, let me go and tell them o

    1. Ahahahah, you made me burst. Anyhoo, I thought I needed to loud this enough for people at the back to hear and understand all that surrounds this myth. Ah! Thank you for the self imposed goodnews bearer on this one.
      Much love Oma!

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