Five (5) self care ideas for the holidays

Vacation is over and reminiscing is allowed.

Hey there, first of all “Happy new year”.

We all know Christmas holiday is usually spent with families and friends but we can’t say that is entirely true for some people, I know some spend their Christmas and New Year holiday alone. Sad. Not sad, ok? Lol. Anyway, I am happy to let you know that for the first time in my life, I spent my Christmas and a part of my holiday without my family….yaaaaaay…you don’t get? I am now an adult y’all….lol.

Alright enough of all that, since I knew I was going to spend some time in Lagos where I reside, I began to ponder on activities to do during the holiday period against sitting at home and instagramming all day (surprisingly Instagram says I spend an average of 1hr:25mins a day on the app, that’s quiet surprising. That is to say, I’m doing well with my time on there). This is more like believing that I deserve some me time and pampering to compensate myself for all the going and coming all year round , and still keeping strong. For the insanity all around and still keeping sane.  For all the stress of 8-5 job and still keeping calm. For all the annoying co-worker(s) and still keeping to my good side. Hey, what I’m trying to say is that we get caught up in so much activities that we forget the most important person in our lives which us, I mean YOU.

So here are five (5) self care ideas to spend your vacation keeping yourself at the center of the game.

  1. Visit the Dentist

This was on top of my list. Let’s face it, there is no dental culture in Nigeria and we only see a dentist when we start to have a problem with a tooth that is causing a great discomfort. I decided to see one because I grew tired of removing scales logged around each tooth with objects you can think of and also tired of being unable to reach the teeth that are deep inside to get out the blackish things that laced them (this is what the dentist called decay during consultation). This is another “first” in my life and really felt good having an understanding of dental and have someone else take care of me. Recommendation is that, you should visit a dentist every six months and get your scaling and polishing done.

  1. Go to spa:  Full body massage and/or manicure and pedicure 

Getting a body massage was on the list but manicure and pedicure was not. Guess what, I did the later. I seriously need a body massage but somehow it will only be a reality in this year 2019. However my manicure and pedicure session was another “first”. The experience was surreal and exciting. Full of oohs and aahs at every tickles felt and as a bonus, I got a reflexology. My legs felt so light and relieved and believe me, I had a different kind of sleep that night.

Anyway, in case you are looking for where to get a relaxing pedicure and manicure including deep tissue body massage, arms and legs massaging in Ibadan Oyo State Nigeria, you can call Natures Treat on 08079714067 or 08065192941, good a thing if you don’t want to leave the comfort of your home, she offers home service. You can also talk to her on some of your health challenges and ways to treat those issues with nature. Talk about all these sicknesses, trust me she knows what to do holistically.

Excuse my spilled nail polish. Give me credit for doing it myself and pray for my broken nail.

  1. Go to the cinemas

Visiting the cinemas has been on my to-do since the start of the year 2018 but somehow Netflix found its way to Nigeria and I have been hooked. Irrespective, you and I will agree that cinema experience is a different ball game. My plan to do that during the December 2018 vacation was truncated though (sadly for me). Yes, this is something to put on your list, go watch the latest movie and to mention a few Uche Jombo released her movie “Heavy on My Mind” and it comes with great reviews, Mo Abudu of EbonylifeTV dropped a humor packed “Chief Daddy” and if you are looking for a non-Nigerian movie “Aqua Man” is currently on and “Bird Box”(this is available on Netflix). Oh,I can’t forget “Lionheart”by Genevieve Nnaji, this is one movie you should see as it portrays Nigeria in a different light and it was released on Netflix on the 4th of January and also in the cinemas.

  1. Visit a new place

I was at Ajose Adeogun y’all! Yaaaaasss!!!!! Can you guess it is another “first”? I won’t say much just enjoy this few pictures.

If you are in Lagos and never visited Ajose Adeogun Street on Lagos Island, you have another chance next Christmas. You don’t want to leave this world without seeing the beautiful scenes live and direct. The angels may not allow you passage to heaven. Be like me, get up , call Uber or Taxify, go to Ajose Adeogun, see whatsup, take pictures and go back home fulfilled. Dasall! Of noteworthy, you can only visit this place at night. Alright, this went with the year 2018 and it doesn’t have to end there. I know there are so many amazing places to visit in the state you are domiciled.


  1. Go for medical check up

You are not sick, I know. And I also know some people don’t even know their height. Get to know your high blood pressure level, blood sugar, weight, and do blood test ( HIV tests , Hepatitis etc take vaccines where needed). You can include a visit to an ophthalmologist, gynecologist, dermatologist and so on. Just make this whole thing about you and you only.


  1. Take advantage of your company’s HMO

This shouldn’t make the list but I guess you are already thinking how you would manage with all medical expenses. If you are lucky enough to have your employer placed you on a health insurance plan, then take the full advantage and don’t be like me that wasted the opportunity in my first year on Health Insurance. Request for the health insurance cover if you don’t have one, look through what your health plan covers and take full advantage of it. You don’t have to be sick before you visit the clinic.  However, if you are not under any health insurance, all these HMO companies offers individual plan and if you asked me it is a great thing to put yourself up for it.

In other news, I heard Lagos state launched a health insurance program (don’t say I didn’t tell you)


So there you have it. Show yourself some love, after all you work for your money and it is not a sin to pamper yourself.

Let me hear from you, what are the plans that make it to your self love list of activities?








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