Low budget home office in the bedroom

home office idea on a budget.

Hey you! Listen, this is a long dream achieved. Hahaha. Be happy for me, yo!

 Errm…I have always really wanted a little corner for myself to just do the stuff I’m into and this took so long to achieve because I am running my life on a very tight budget. The only thing in my head was “how can I create an office in my bedroo?”.First, I needed a platform to place my fragile tripod when recording my natural hair YouTube videos (oh, you don’t know I have a YouTube channel? Oya check me out @saintdupsie). Second, I wanted a table top for my DIYs and also a place close enough for me to reach whatever I need when making hair videos. Third, which is the most important thing, I craved for space to work on my laptop. Nah, working in bed is bad especially for the back and most of the time I always end up closing the lid of the laptop and lay my back. productivity equals zero.

Unfortunately for me my former apartment was pretty small that I could hardly breathe i.e. I dared not think of a chair. On the other hand my current apartment offers me enough space to play with but it is still not enough to get it fully upholstered (well, that’s me thinking like a rich babe that I’d be in future) so I figured I would have to improvise with what is available which is my wooden wall hanger (yeah, you read that right)

First try. I wasn’t home when it was fixed so it turned out too high for the purpose it was intended for.

Second try. After several months I became so uneasy and was feeling laid back not being able to achieve as much as I wanted this year. Then I began to talk to people for a carpenter recommendation to help me bring it down to a table level and as I would have it, a colleague opted to help out and he did brought my imagination to life.

The whole idea was for the hanger  to serve two purposes, one as the hanger it was and two, as a work table.

My colleague yet again turned out too nice and assisted with this stool. Sitting on a regular plastic chair still required two pillows to sit on for me to catch up with my new work table.

This silver bracket  is a part of a wall lamp holder that I thought was useless. I figured it would be perfect for a pen holder.

If you are looking for a cheap penholder, this piece here can serve as one and also as a make-up brush holder. Click on the image.


Instead of hanging this fabric flower on a part of the wall in the room, I brought out this mayonnaise jar and turned it to a vase to make the table less boring.Please don’t ask me why I have N100 notes in the vase .

Here is a cute light bulb shaped flower vase that is a little over N1000 on jumia if you are looking for a glass flower vase. Click on the image.

The most exciting part of this project is the activity board that tied the whole corner together. I tore out a page of a calendar and glued the front to the wall so that I can make use of the back which is always white (I plan to switch to a cardboard later). This seem like a more effective alternative to list my to-dos and I feel I will be challenged to execute them if I’m seeing them every passing time as oppose listing them in a book that I most of the time don’t remember to open. So if you are like me that finds it hard and also forget to get things done, I will advise you should this is too. 

I went ahead to divide the white side to seven columns to represent each day of the week.

I feel so excited seeing my imagination come to life while I spent absolutely nothing and also sharing this budget free home office idea with you. Now a girl has no excuse not to get work done.

Do you have any to idea to help productivity? please share with me. This year is almost gone and I would want the coming year to be way better than this.

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