How to break a habit, a 21 day no bread challenge

There is a saying that goes thus, if you want to break a habit/addiction, stay away from that thing for 21 days. If you can challenge yourself for 21 days, then that thing have absolutely no power over you and you can do away with it easily.

Story time:

My love for bread is not a new thing. Actually, bread and powdered milk was my lunch every single day when I became old enough to handle my lunch money myself. Usually, you will reach this stage once you are almost old enough to be in a secondary school, in an average Nigerian home. Parents would offer you breakfast and dinner so your pocket money is your lunch and you can spend it as you wish. Alafia bread was my favourite back then (is there anyone from old Ife road ,Ibadan reading this?) and I would pair it with three crown sachet milk which was sold for N5 at the time. Would I be exaggerating if I say manufacturers of three crowns milk must have a made fortune off me? Well, life was still good then.

A point was reached in my life that I knew I had to take it slow with bread and increase my water intake. These two things were impossible for me to do and there I was battling with constipation. Some changes were made on my eating habit, I managed to increase my water intake but bread seemed like my doom. It is a snack that has to always be available in the house.

That was how Justrite shopping mall decided to help my ministry by opening a bakery shop. Actually Justrite sells one of the best bread in town and it cost N350. So I started paying homage. I would finish up a good meal and say to myself that I am okay for the night but na lie, I no go dey okay if I no put bread for mouth”. First thing in the morning it is justrite bread, middle of the night it is justrite bread, last thing before sleep it is justrite bread (somebody should tell Justrite to come pay for this ad)

Fast forward to last month, I began to realise all the flat tummy I worked to achieve was gone, what I see now is folds. I am not saying it was bread a lone that caused this, I have totally ruined my healthy eating habit. I have gained 5kg over my 55-60kg I maintained for few years. So I realised that the first step to take to retracing my steps to healthy living is to fight the demon in my life which is bread.

It all started jokingly.

I just finished dinner and felt like topping up. I settled in with bread and a bottle of yogurt and I suddenly began to worry about myself. So I went on my whatsapp story to lament on my addiction to bread then a colleague messaged me to say he was battling with the same issue and asked for solution. I was like how can I share a solution when I am currently eating bread?. Jokingly, I dropped “21 days no bread challenge?” I wasn’t serious about it in anyway because it was unachieveable, so I thought. But my colleague dropped “game. For real”.

My challenge started a day after my colleague started his because I would really feel terrible letting the leftover go.

Was it easy? NO it wasn’t however, it was a challenge I needed to win.

How tempted was I? Is that even a question? My colleagues at work didn’t make it easy and I had to act like Jesus who was tempted by satan after His forty day and night fast. I walked away from a loaf of bread by “Old English Bakery”. That was the hardest thing to do. But if you were on my Instagram (@saintdupsie) you would know I cheated by buying roadside snacks on impulse (They aren’t the same, durr! argue with your phone)

Another is the strength I had to walk into Justrite bakery to get rice and walked out without bread but a song in my head (I’m walking awaaay from troubles in my life…).

What alternative did I shift to? Cereal from Golden morn. I consumed it during that period like my life depended on it. My colleague moved to Gala sausage. LOL.

By the end of this challenge, I was gripped by fear to eat bread. More like my body was going to reject it. Reason why it took me almost a week after the challenge before I tried bread again.

Anyway, is there a thing like freedom? Okay that is how I feel ever since. I am free from bread and its cohort (aahhahahahhah)

Lesson learnt: Self-discipline and willpower can lead to achievement. And also walking away doesn’t kill.

Now that the chains has been broken, flat tummy is loading.

So tell me, what is that thing or habit you are struggling to let go?















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