The major thing I learnt that became a game changer in my four years of natural hair journey

September 23, 2014. 

Some days to this day, I called on my sister to help trim my permed ends but she said “no”. I called on my cousin who was a guy to cut the whole permed hair off, he also said “no”. They were both of the opinion to leave my hair since I could still wear my transitioning hair in bantu knots-out and flat twist with bantu knots combo conveniently. But I was tired, I wanted to put the relaxed hair behind me and move on already. All I wanted was just someone to trim the ends off for me because I was scared I would go bald if I did it myself.

I was in my fourth month of transitioning at the time. My signature look before then was a short hair like the popular Anita Baker style, so it was quiet easy for me to move from relaxed and flat ironed hair and delved into the world of naturals and begin my Natural Hair Journey. 

Exactly this day September 23, 2014, I woke up with a tight and heavy chest, like I had a big load over me. So I got up went straight to stand in front of a mirror, grabbed a pair of scissors and began to trim the permed hair little by little and one step at a time. When I was done, I looked at myself and welcomed the new me. I didn’t go bald.


This hair journey has been with ups and downs since it was a new world but I was ready to learn. Also because I know it is important to stay with the decision I made for myself about returning natural, I figured it is equally important to be opened and receptive to whatever my natural hair throws at me so that we both (my hair and I) can find a common ground to relate. So technically, the very first thing I learnt which is also the major thing to understand about managing any hair type is the porosity level. Once I was able to figure my hair porosity level which was low by the way, I became a winner.

A quick one if you don’t know what hair porosity mean: In simple term, it is how your hair absorbs moisture and how long it takes to lose that moisture. We have the high porosity, medium porosity and low porosity which is the class I belong. Knowing this will guide in techniques, products to use (store or DIY product), types of oil and butter to use, when to use them, how to get the most out of products and most importantly how to keep your natural hair moisturised at all time.

If there is any other thing I could say about being natural, I would say “being myself”. There is a sense of freedom you feel when you do something void of societal standard.

I am me and love my kinky hair the way it is. That is all that is important, nothing else.

Happy fourth year anniversary to me.

I look forward to many more adventurous moments with my hair.


So, when did you decide to return natural and how far are you in this natural hair journey? Also share with me what lesson you have learnt being on this journey?

2 thoughts on “The major thing I learnt that became a game changer in my four years of natural hair journey

  1. Great hair Well I’m in my 9th month of transitioning and it’s been amazingggg! My hair no longer tangles, it’s always soft and it’s grown longer.
    However I’m still confused as to what hair product to use asides Shea butter and coconut oil. I’m with you on this journey an I’m reading all your posts and they’re giving me life❣️

    1. Hi Oma, thanks for the love. If your hair feels soft and no longer tangles then you are doing something right. I’m a strong believer of sticking to what works so if Shea butter and coconut oil has been helping then relax on the hunt for product. As long as you have your leave-in conditioner, sis you are good.

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