Top Five (5) Washday Natural hair tips you should start doing

Wash day could be a nightmare for some ladies and some do not know how to get the most out of it. This post is dedicated to those that desire a great washday experience and days after. So I have carefully selected the most important and effective things I do during my washday routine. These has really been helpful and I have also noticed tremendous changes since I stick to them. It range from having a dry free scalp, moisture retention and length retention.

So here are my top five tips that has been working

Section your hair.

This can’t be stressed enough especially if you have medium to long hair. Dealing with a bunch of hair is a whole lot and can be very tiring. You will also have to keep dealing with tangles as often until the wash routine is over and a lot of broken hair staring at you on the bathroom floor.


See this scenario: Imagine you trying to wash your hair extensions – so you put it in a bowl, add water and shampoo and you begin to move your hands all over it in a bid to wash. Yeah, so you’ll get it cleaned and also have all strands intertwined- tangled. But if you are really a smart person, what you’d do is to put the hair extension together and properly hold with a band such that each hair strands remain in place as you wash.

This same logic applies to your natural hair. Put your hair into 4-6 sections depending on your hair length and wash one section at a time.  Aside the fact that this method reduces tangles, it also gives access to your entire scalp and you can gently scrub those build-ups out and lastly it saves time. Since I have been washing my hair in section, shampooing has been taking nothing more than 10mins.

Use warm water.

Warm water could be the only thing you need as shampoo. I mean, I’ve learnt quiet a number of Naturals use water only instead of shampoo and I may have to agree with this if we think about it this way – Warm water melts things. But this point isn’t for that. The point here is that warm water helps to open up the cuticles, this will allow moisture to easily penetrate. This isn’t the end though, you will need cold water or water in room temperature to close up the cuticles, lock in the moisture you’ve worked hard all day to put in your hair. Trust me your hair will be left shinning and healthy.

However, if your hair is low porosity you can decide to start and finish the washday with warm water to ensure maximum moisture is absorbed (A whole blog post will have to be dedicate to this though).

Massage oil on your scalp before deep conditioning.

scalp oil for natural hair


This is my favourite part of washday.  If you are one that naturally have dry scalp that is to say your sebum level is not enough to keep your scalp dry-free, then you should consider deep conditioning your scalp alongside your hair. So this makes it a 2in1 deep conditioning process. The heat generated while your hair is all covered up during the deep conditioning process lets the oil you applied to penetrate your scalp. With this method, you might go a week long with no itch or dryness. Which means you will not have to oil your scalp every day or even every other day.

Avoid getting deep conditioner or hair masque on your scalp.

avocado deep conditioner for natural hair

Focus on your hair at all time and do not let conditioner get to your scalp by every means possible. You have just successfully end up with a clean scalp and the least thing you want is to end your wash day with scalp build-ups, itchiness, flakes and dryness. It’s easy to just rinse out conditioner off hair with water but not scalp.


Pre- shampoo (prepoo) with onion juice.

onion juice for scalp treatment and natural hair


This is for those dealing with dandruff. Onion has a healing properties that helps to fight dandruff. Massaging onion juice to your scalp and leaving it covered up for about 15minutes may be the only treatment you need for that dandruff that is frustrating your natural hair journey. A bonus though, onion helps to stimulate hair growth so you should consider giving your natural hair a treat.

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