Sleek low pony tail on thick 4c natural hair

Hello Lovelies,

saintdupsie natural hair style
                          Sleek low pony tail

Having to make this style could be breezy for some but definitely not for myself and my other kinswomen in the category of thick natural hair, coupled with being 4c natural hair and ultimately low porosity. Yeah this means some work using the right styling technique.

The cons of this sleek low pony tail style is that, it consumes a lot of product and also takes time to make. I hope you are not scared already?

The pros however is that maintenance is easy and minimal and you can wear it for a full week or until it began to tell you it is time to let go. It brings out your facial feature and I haven’t seen anyone who doesn’t look beautiful with it. So I guess this is enough to outweigh the cons and convincing enough for you to try out.

You will need:

  • Water and oil (content in spray bottle)
  • Leavein-conditioner
  • Gel (I used Ecostyler olive oil)
  • Paddle brush
  • Rat tail comb
  • Tooth brush (for edges)

Side note: Do this style when your washday is nigh. You already have build-up with all the products packed on the hair.

Now, watch me transform from this

To this


natural hairstyle idea
 Sleek low pony tail


Now watch this video


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