Afroroots Naturals Hair Styling Custard

Natural hair products made in Nigeria

Product Name:         Afroroots Hair Styling Custard with coconut oil and herbal extracts.

natural hair products in nigeria
Afroroots naturals for twistout, baridout and wash and go

What they say: Create soft, bouncy curls for dry, textured and relaxed hair. Also, softens, nourish, protect and condition the hair. It can be used to moisturised and style hair.

Direction: Best used on damp hair.

Ingredients: Aqua, flax seed extract, Abelmoschus Esculentus extract, coconut oil, shea butter, conditioning wax, cetyl alcohol, Aloe Vera extract, herbal extract, vitamin b5, phenoxylethanol and Caprylyl glycol, ascorbic acid, essential and aromatic oils.

How I felt

Scent- I perceived something coconuty and some other thing .lol, pardon me, I have a very low sense of smell. But it smells great.

Consistency: Thin (watery). I was disappointed at the consistency, I know it’s a styling custard but I wasn’t expecting something that thin and then it came in a cup. I think it would have been better in a bottle. Unknown to me, there was product spilling all over the container while I opened it. I don’t like being too conscious about things and this means I have to hold it upright whenever I’m opening and place it on a flat surface when using. I would have cried if it all spilled on the floor…lol.

Update: The maker of this product has really improved on the consistency. It is very thick now and still comes in the same size and the quality was not compromised.

Slip: If you are ever looking for slip in your natural hair life, this is it. I could detangle and easily finger comb my natural hair.

Application: As instructed, I used it on damp hair and made two strand twists and flat twist with it. This was after I used the Afrooroots leave-in conditioner.

Did it curl my hair? Yes, I took my hair out in less down 24 hours, of course I blowdried it and I was surprised I could see some curl definition. Would have gotten more curl definition if it stayed longer, (I was too in a hurry to know whats’up) and the twists were smaller.

twist out, flat twist
Natural hair style-high bun with twist out

Did it give me hold? Yes, as at the time of typing this post, it is the third day and each separation of the flat twist are still intact. Isn’t that wonderful?

Did it give me moisture? Yes, Even though it gives hold, my hair is not crunchy, it is soft and moisturised.

twist out, flat twist
afroroots natural hair styling custard


Size: 250g

Price: Bought it N2, 600.

Natural hair products made in Nigeria
Afroroots naturals

Side note, I feel the price is high for the size. But how about going for quality instead of quantity and ultimately supporting a Naija brand?

Where to purchase? Click here

Will I recommend this product? You know my answer already, definitely Yes!

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