How to stretch natural hair using African threading method

African threading

Natural Hair threading is as old as anything you could ever think of in the African society. We were born into and grew up in it, as a matter  of fact, our African mothers are always many steps higher with the creativity they brought into it.

However, in these days, what most of us care about is to find an easy and especially no heat method of stretching our natural hair so that we can rock it in afro, get a perfect twist out, braid out or bantu knots out, and also a better manageability to achieve some bomb natural hair updo styles. Many naturals do avoid heat on their natural hair and would rather stick to twist out or braid out as a stretching method. But these don’t stretch hair out as much as  the threading method.

Because some of us are lazy and doesn’t really like anything time consuming or pulling at our scalp, I came up with this threading method with a twist. It is actually called “threading with gaps”. This method is fast and easy, all you have to do is to create gaps or put space in between as you thread the length of your hair.

Items needed: Yarn (about 4-5 strands), paddle brush( for brushing/detangling.

You have to make sure your hair is well detangled and moisturised before you proceed to threading.

See how I get a perfect stretched hair using this spaced African threading method in this video

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