An honorable man said “why won’t it be a man’s world when women always give us what we want”. Wait, was he wrong? A man didn’t just wake and start nursing the superiority feeling, NO, he was guided by the method of upbringing and teachings right from his childhood. Hopefully the new generation of mothers would raise their sons and daughters equally at least to stop female humiliation.
So he told you, if you loved me, show me. You refused, he threatened. It’s normal, you were told. Society presently is abreast of it. They ask “why are you in a relationship if you can’t have sex with your partner?” Simply put “no sex no relationship” You got that right.

Back in the teen’s church, our Pastor’s wife said “as a woman, you have the power to control men, a man may not be able to but you can resist any man”.
Suddenly, came the popular phrase “he used and dumped me”, my question, didn’t you enjoy it while it lasted? Now please spare him for dumping you, blame your inability to say NO, to decide what happens to your body. You didn’t say NO because you didn’t want him to leave, do you still have him with YES? Perhaps you gave him sex in appreciation of his niceness, it’s called dignified prostitution. If you know you will feel used and dumped if things don’t work out, please be in charge of yourself.
It is time to stop having your heart broken in a bid to satisfy the insatiable pleasure of men.

_No guy owns you, you own yourself and you alone bare every responsibility that comes thereafter_.

I really do hope that mothers would start teaching their daughters how to be strong and their sons, compassion.

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