Hello people, I am sure most of you know that I am more of a DIY person and I have been doing things myself since the day I made up my mind to return natural over two years ago. I got my very first store bought product, VO5 rinse out conditioner, ten months after I was fully natural and it has since been the only hair product I buy. Now, I thought I should try a leave-in conditioner. Note, I have used Olive ORS leavein conditioner and I loved it,absolutely great but I didn’t buy it with my money.

Okay so now it is confession time. My brother is a product junkie and I assist him in using the natural hair friendly ones like the Olive ORS leavein. Your brother? You say, some of you product junkie can’t beat his array of hair  products, I’m telling you. So I thought it wise to assist him,there’s nothing wrong in assisting one’s brother,right?. You think he keeps afro? Wrong, he’s simply on low cut. I still don’t get him.

I apologise for digressing. After series of testimony about Uyai Naturals, I decided to place my order of the Vitamin Leavein conditioner, this I did with the hope of probably sticking to the idea of buying and using store bought leave in conditioner and also to be able to recommend it to people that have been asking me for product suggestions.

Now let’s get down to business:

  • The product came in a spray bottle which didn’t go well with me because I will have to mind the spray head whenever I need to go out with but on the flip side it is going to be very useful when the product is exhausted. And moreso it has a stopper, I don’t have to bother about accidental discharge. So I’m eager to turn it into a spritz bottle. I actually don’t have a spray bottle anymore. The ones I had stopped functioning.
  • The product is water base, exactly what I needed for my 4C dry hair.
  • The fragrance is great.
  • The quantity is okay for the price and truth is you don’t need much to get your hair feeling cool, little is enough.

I must tell you, I was so conscious of the state of my hair the first time I used it, my hand- in- hair syndrome was at its peak all day long. First thing I noticed was that each time I touched my hair to feel, it felt moisturized, soft and protected. My fingers even came out moisturised, nope, I’m not exaggerating. Air conditioner dries out my hair and I was inside an air conditioned room all day and my hair didn’t dry out.

Before, whenever I pulled my hair it comes out broken but it was different this time, I had to intentionally break some strands by pulling so hard. I wasn’t been crazy I was just surprised that my hair wasn’t coming off.
It is light weight too, what I mean is that it didn’t weigh my hair down. It penetrated easily into my 4C dry hair, it protected it also and retained moisture all day. Now I’ve used this product for days and my observation still remains the same.

Would I get this again?
You know the answer is YES.

Would I recommend it?
Of course YES.

My hair has a low porosity,very dry and high density. Uyai naturals vitamin leave-in conditioner lived more than expectation, absolutely satisfying.

Let me quickly drop this, Uyai Naturals is a Nigerian brand. And all of their products are made specifically for Naturals. Getting this product is my own way of supporting and buying made in Nigeria.

If you would want to get this product, you can send a mail to
Or whatsapp 08053719071.

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