Adorn your natural hair with this ankara fabric headband

Hope you all are doing great? I was going through some hair accessories pictures and it just clicked that I could make mine with an Ankara fabric and add modification to it. So I got my lazy ass up one boring afternoon and dug into my closet then brought out this piece of Ankara that was meant to be an accompanying scarf for an Ankara dress. Well, I don’t use it anyway so it was a perfect option.

Check the collage below, what do you think, uhn?

Ankara head band hair accessories
DIY Ankara fabric headbad


I posted it in a group and some people asked me for a tutorial, NICE!!!, it’s a great idea making a picture tutorial and catching fun with it. Then again I went back into my closet and dug out another Ankara scarf wasting away… aarrrgh… I really don’t like tying native scarfs but it’s a great thing beautifying my mane with them in form of a headband and the good part of it is that it goes well with any type of dressing. Yes!!! that’s the awesome part of it.

If you want to try it, here it is:

Ankara head band hair accessories


Ankara head band hair accessories


Ankara head band hair accessories

Ankara head band hair accessories


Note: the length of your elastic must be shorter than the case you prepare for it, say about 2-3 inches shorter. Otherwise, it won’t be firm.

So that is it!
It is quite simple and it gets more easier and simpler the more you practice.
Perhaps you get confused at some point, please don’t hesitate to drop your question in the comment box.

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