This post was written out of annoyance, please pardon me for it being so. It’s just one of those periods when I pen down things as they come to my mind and I in most cases find it hard to reconstruct it as it makes me feel betrayed of myself and perceives it as adulterated. It was inspired by a post I read on one of my favorite pages on Facebook where this lady came to the public asking for help. She obviously regretted her action but her partner kicked her away even though the guy wasn’t a saint either. This as well reminded me of a short video I watched sometimes ago so I asked Google to help me find it because I think it is important to share it with you as it buttresses this post the more.

What is your take? Watch and share your thoughts!This short film titled “If She Can’t, He Can’t” was shared by Femi Familoye, a Nigerian film-maker based in the UK.

“If she can’t, he can’t” is a short film and was shot unscripted on location while the actors were waiting for their scene to be shot for the main project.It’s based on the premise that it’s ok for men to cheat but abominable for women to cheat. If she can’t, can he, could he or should he?

I’m not an advocate for gender equality, I just detest injustice. I know you (men) all believe it’s your world as if women are trash. When a man cheats, it’s okay. When a woman cheats, she’s a prostitute. Whatever it is that makes you think it’s not right for a woman to cheat is also the same thing that applies to you.

Yes men are tempted but wait a minute, have you ever wondered if women also get tempted or not? I’m sure you really don’t give that much of a thought but let me tell you, women are more tempted,


Either she’s beautiful or not guys will always admire her and woo her. Now After all her dedication, commitment, love and care, the guy we still go out there and meet with another woman, then she would be told to forgive and forget, don’t allow the devil to destroy your relationship/marriage, keep praying to God to change him. Just be prayerful and be patience.

But if it was a guy, she’s a prostitute dump her ass, you married a whore divorce her, she’s a bitch, useless girl, just let her go, you will verbally destroy her and include her mother. She begs for forgiveness, but you castigate her. You as a guy call your cheating a mistake so who says a lady can’t make mistake. You beg for forgiveness and she accepts you back, she asks for forgiveness but you push her away and say no, you can’t trust her anymore. She keeps on giving you another chance each time you were caught cheating, she begs for just one more chance to right her wrong, but no, you look her straight in the eyes and tell her, NO, that she disgusts you.

What makes you better as a man?

Is a forgiving spirit designed for women and women alone?

What makes man,s cheating act different from the woman’s?

Who says a guy deserves forgiveness and second chance and a woman doesn’t?

What says you shouldn’t treat your woman the way you want and expect her to treat you?


2 thoughts on “IF SHE CAN’T YOU CAN’T

  1. I have a mixed feeling about this though, just that there is a little we can do about it. Society just doesn't permit women on somethings at all.

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